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CCD can custom-design a computer to match your needs. We don't use junk - all the components selected are name-brand, top quality products form the best perihpheral and component manufacturers on the planet. We also put every computer we build through the "burn-in from Hell" to make sure the computer is as well set-up and ready to use as possible. Before the computer leaves our facility, it's been subjected to more aggressive testing that it's probably ever going to see under normal use.

While custom-built computers are not as cheap as ready-made ones, ours tend to outperform anything with comparable specs, and often do so by a large margin that more than makes up for the price difference. Plus, we'll install and configure your software for you if desired so that the computer is ready to go without any additional work. (You'll have to provide the original installation disks/CDs, of course.) We even go so far as to tweak the system settings here and there to optimize the computer's performance. And best of all, our designs are always crafted with upgradability in mind - you're not stuck with a specific operating system due to lack of driver support, you can upgrade the processor, add more memory/disk space, and so on - and this allows you to get more usable life out of the computer.

The end result: you get a powerful, well-configured machine that only has what you want on it - no unwanted software bogging the computer down, no slow hardware that you can't find drivers for, no hassles. Just hook up, turn on, and go.

If you need more of a computer than what you can buy off the shelf, give us a try.avitar.png

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