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We area Full service Computer Consulting Company.

Founded in 1981 Personal Computers and Networks have been our specialty. Now with the Internet we are working with WANs' for businesses. We are located in the North Western Part of South Carolina in the beautiful town of Anderson. We are a Full service Computer Company, Specializing in, PC design, LAN's, WAN's, systems training and phone support. We Provide Full system and information technology integration, Network design, configuration, procurement, installation, maintenance and support. We will also provide design, analysis, installation and maintenance services for LANs having multiple or single servers and can install protocol analyzers to give detailed network trending reports We can modify existing LANs to meet changing needs and prepare customer and information system documentation for the use of their new and/or revised LAN applications.

IBM PC's (clones) From IBM XT's to present day dual Pentium IV's - 10/100 Hubs 10/100 Switches - Routers - CSU/DSU's - Cat5 cables - Patch panels - T1, DSL, & ISDN Lines - Battery and Generator Backups Supplies.

Operating and Network Systems

    MS DOS Ver 2.1 To 6.2.
    Windows 286 to Windows 2003 Including XP and VISTA
    Windows NT 3.51-4.0 Server & Workstation.
    Windows 2000 Advanced Server.
    Novel NetWare 2.11-4.0.
    LANtastic 4.0 - 8.0.
    KA9Q.Nos (UNIX like Packet Based Protocol Transfer).
    LINUX 5.2 - 6.0. (Red Hat)
    Fedora Core 5 - Fedora Core 6 - Fedora 7 - Fedora 8
    Network Protocol, Traffic, and Packet Analyzers.

Network Protocols
RAS - NetBeui - IPX/SPX - TCP/IP - RIP - ARP - HTTP - SMTP - POP3 - FTP Telnet - DNS - PPPoe - Etc.

Desktop Software
Aldus Page Maker - Adobe PhotoShop - MS Office Professional
WordPerfect - HTML - Video Conferencing. Open Office

WiFi Wireless Networks - Web Servers - SMTP Mail Servers - FTP Servers - DNS Servers - Web Pages TCP/IP Routing Tables - WebDesign - Domain Name Registration.

Beta Tester for CONNECTIX Quick Cam. Tested - Evaluated - Modified both B/W and color cameras along with video conferencing software for Internet- Intranet Applications.

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